Vanilla Latte Coffee Scrub

Celebrate With Love

Hand-mixed coffee body scrub made with only edible ingredients. Organic ground coffee, bursting with caffeine is known to be beneficial for tightening the skin. Super nourishing coconut oil and olive oil to give your skin a superfood boost. Tiny grains of raw sugar naturally exfoliate your skin while extract of vanilla soothes and calms it.

Made only with fair trade organic ground coffee, raw sugar, organic coconut oil, virgin olive oil and natural vanilla extract.

Each pack has 150g of goodness. 

Celebrate With Love pledges AUD$2 for each pack of this scrub to Love Mercy Foundation's Cents for Seeds initiative. Cents for Seeds is helping to change the lives of families in Uganda by empowering women and enabling them to provide for their families. For every $30 we pledge = 30kg of seeds = 150kg of harvest for them.

To know more about this project, click here.

To know more about Cents for Seeds project, click here.

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