Threelogy Lah

Casey Chen

This complete collection of Singlish fairytales (or singapuLAH Classics as we called it) by Casey Chen consists of:

  • The Three Little Pigs Lah (2013)
  • The Red Riding Hood Lah (2015)
  • The Goldilocks Lah (2018)

All in a beautiful and iconic box set now!

Singlish has been and still is one of the most entertaining “language” used and never fail to help visitors better understand our local culture. The Goldilocks Lah re-writing by Casey Chen, using Singlish to retell the Classic stories. The Singlish titles by the author have been very well received. More than 10000 copies sold locally since the first book was published in 2013.

Written by Casey Chen. A rare design-crusader of the Singapore Identity. In his long body of multi-disciplinary works the last decade spanning Design, Objects and the Arts; Casey Chen has always demonstrated an ability to draw in inspiration from what is unique about and around us.

Casey is like a storyteller, weaving in narratives of memories and nostalgia with his whimsical interpretations of familiar objects. His ability to reinvent and re-appropriate these familiar objects and symbols in a most bold and uncanny manner makes him stand out amongst the designers of his time.

*Pre-Order starts now, mail out in Australia starts on 6 August 2018.

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