Bespoke Baby Gift For Boys

Celebrate With Love

Baby boys are made of mischief, giggles, fun and love... and this has inspires us to handpick and curate the baby goods based on the theme / colour / paper we selected for each order. Give the new mom and baby a gift of awesome baby goods to enjoy.

All gift sets are beautifully hand-crafted for the new mother and baby. Thoughtful and high-quality baby goods are carefully selected to surprise and are stored in beautiful woven and stack-able boxes - an extra storage solution for the recipient.

As this is a bespoke gifting service, we will contact you for details such as name of baby, message for the parents, and preferred delivery date after confirmation of order.

Click on the thumbnail images for an idea of the type of baby goods we use, the collection grows and changes all the time, so no one gets the same combination ever.

For references of bespoke gift sets we had created for our happy customers, do visit our Facebook or Instagram.

*This product can only be delivered within Sydney Eastern Surburbs and CBD only. Self-Collection can be arranged for all other areas.

If you have any queries, simply reach us via email and we will be happy to guide you along.

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